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Hi. My name is Tom Campbell, and I hate getting ripped off. Finding a good webmaster who won’t overcharge is like finding a good plumber or lawyer. And while I can’t teach you to become a good plumber, I can teach you to build a world-class website in less than the time it takes for that web guy to call you back about building you that starter site you wanted made.
The thought of anyone overpaying for a website infuriates me because I know the pros get it done for next to nothing–a lesson I learned the hard way, and I paid a lot of money to learn the secrets of building an awesome website in less time than it takes to get lunch at McDonalds.

I own two very successful businesses, but I’m a serial entrepreneur and I love getting new ideas off the ground fast and cheap. The first step is always the same having a website built.

For This All-New Video Course I Spent $5,000+ And Months Learning What Not To Tell You

The key to making money these days is to fail fast. Try out an idea. Spend a few bucks on it. If it fails, fine. If it doesn’t… you’re golden! Tim Ferriss covers it in great detail in “The Four Hour Work Week”. While I’ve been living that lifestyle since Tim was in high school, one thing that eluded me until recently was getting websites done cheaply and quickly.

Let Me Save You the $5,0000

I took a very expensive marketing course and learned the answer from a guy who’s a master at trying at new ideas and discarding them. The key to website success is using WordPress. To be honest, while I learned a whole lot of other things, it was worth the $5,000 just for that.

This guy builds sites, sometimes as tests (there’s no actual product, just like Tim Ferriss preaches, but you take prospects through the sales page then stop just short of charging them, so you know they’re interested) and sometimes as quickly-implemented products.

Imagine how cool it would be if you could try out your business ideas that easily. It’s mind-boggling, and I do it all the time. Yet WordPress sites work like a word processor, so you can make changes yourself, in the middle of the night, from the comfort of your own laptop, instead of getting reamed by a lousy webmaster who never returns your emails.

We’ve all seen the famous picture at overpriced repair shops. If you want something done right you can choose 2 of 3 qualities at best: Fast, Good, and Cheap.

What if you could have it all? What if you could do all of these things?

  • Install a secure, easy-to-use website in under 30 seconds using WordPress software, which is 100% free even if you make money using it
  • Get over a thousand of the best web designers in the world to design your site for you absolutely free
  • Pay $0 in labor to make any changes you need anytime, all by yourself, without having to call a webmaster

If you know WordPress as a blogging program… you don’t know WordPress. Sure, it was a blogging platform 5 years ago. But it’s long since become a general purpose, incredibly efficient tool. It has quickly become the Swiss army knife of websites. Why?

  • Using the thousands free plugins available at WordPress.org you can add features to WordPress its developers never dreamed of. You can use plugins to create everything from gorgeous photo galleries to online stores to for-profit exclusive membership sites that have users falling all over themselves to join
  • The best graphic artists on the Web spend months developing sensational themes that let you create stunning sites with the click of a button, re-skinning anytime you want. Wht’s in it for them? Free advertising. They hope you’ll upgrade to other themes they’ve written. But believe me, the ones you get at no charge on the WordPress are amazing, and you can even use them for commercial purposes without paying a dime.
  • WordPress gets major updates several times a year, so their security is always state of the art

Why Does the WordPress 5 Minute Setup Take Hours For A Beginner?

I’ll be honest with you. WordPress has a free 5 minute setup guide on their site. Feel free to Google it now. I’ll wait. Because I remember trying to follow that crazy guide like it was yesterday.

Here’s an embarrassing confession

I never got it to work using their 5 minute guide, and I’m a programmer.

You have to get the WordPress source code, install it using FTP software, set the permissions right using an antiquated file management program, log into a wildly complicated separate program as an administrator, create a database, write down its name and password, log out of that one… it’s gruesome. Sure, you can install WordPress in 5 minutes-if you have an advanced computer science degree from Stanford and hack Unix for fun.

My history is programming Windows, and Unix might as well be a foreign language.

Eventually I learned that the right web host will give you unlimited websites and WordPress installation that takes seconds–yet they’re high quality and have 24 hour tech support and cost less than $10 a month total. Not just one such web host, by the way, but there aren’t too many. I point out the best. I found these by spending way too much money for crappy web hosts that didn’t offer nearly as much yet charged me a small fortune.

Why do I create 3 websites a month? Because I can.

I create at least 3 websites a month because, well, I can. I have the system down cold. Some of them make money for me. Some of them don’t. When they don’t, fine! I did them while watching Netflix videos or listening to music online.

Why stop at business ideas? Imagine what you could do if you could build websites for your homeowner’s association (I did that), your favorite candidate (my friend makes a living that way), your kid’s school, your church, or your favorite charitable cause? I love the feeling of satisfaction I get from building a high-quality site that I can turn over to someone else should I ever need to move on.

The WordPress documentation is huge, but there’s only a little you need to know. I’ve distilled everything I need into a few easy steps in 3 different media:

  • Brief, but fully illustrated shortcut-by-shortcut printable guides if you learn best that way
  • Videos showing every step if you’re a visual learner
  • MP3 audio files if you’d like to learn while you’re driving, waiting for a plane to take off, or doing your treadmill time

Want the Ultimate Proof? How About A Soup-To-Nuts 4-Module Course Totally Free? (That Means No Credit Card, No Obligation, And No Funny Business)

The Instant Website.tv full course costs 99.95. It’s worth every cent, and I recommend you buy it right now–after all, there’s a 100% money-back guarantee. I built the course myself, testing every module multiple times, and building literally hundreds of websites (technically, rebuilding about 12 websites many times over!) to make sure each step of the way was absolutely clear. However, to prove our worth to you, I’m testing a free version called the Instant Website.tv Jolt Course.

This Will Work For You If You Follow Each Clear Step. I Promise

Sign up for the Jolt Course. It really is free. You give us nothing but an email address, and we’ll give you instant access to everything you need to build a complete website from scratch in about the time it takes to go out for lunch.

Follow the steps in our free Jolt Course, and you will have your own website, period. We think you’ll be so happy that you’ll pony up for the full 15 module version. If not, great! You still wound up with a complete, easy to maintain website. Kick your webmaster to the curb with our compliments.

The Free Jolt Course Isn’t Just Videos

The Jolt Course contains 4 modules. They include

  • 4 videos showing everything you need to know about building your own website, step by step–nothing is left out
  • A fully illustrated Quickstart blueprint guide in PDF format you can print
  • An unabridged web host selection guide

How How About The Masterclass?

The Masterclass contains:

  • 15 laser-targeted videos covering everything from what pages Google wants your site to have to how to prevent your site from looking like a blog
  • 12 minicourse PDFs covering everything in the videos
  • 15 MP3s so you can learn while you listen
  • BONUS: A free copy of the most successful squeeze page on the web, which lets you turn your website into a lead generating, front end sales machine ($67 value)
  • BONUS: 4 Premium WordPress themes licensed from RocketPLR you can use on your own sites, modify any way you wish, or even sell to your own clients (Janissary, Squared-Up, Squeez-EZ, and I-Vue: $158 value total)
  • BONUS: 200+ graphics you can use on your own websites. These are by the remarkable Max Rylski and I paid a lot for them–gratefully. His stuff is incredible. It’s not the kind of crap you find on public domain giveaway sites. I want to share them with you because I was blown away when I saw them. ($97 value)

By the way–although it’s called the Masterclass, it too is built from the ground up to take an absolute beginner from zero to hero. Follow the steps as shown and there is no way you won’t have a working website when you finish. And it will be catnip to search engines.


The Instant Website.tv 60 Day “Certain Brain Damage” Guarantee

If you hire a consultant to build your site, you can end up paying anywhere from $50-$1,000 (depends on if you try outsourcing to third world countries and how good you are at specifying what you need). Then, of course, you get dinged at least $25/hour, and usually much more, if you need changes. Or… get InstantWebsite.tv and build the site yourself, at zero labor cost.

Graphic: 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed badge

But what if it doesn’t work? What if you follow the steps but get confused, or feel like you didn’t get far more than your money’s worth? Then I insist you contact my company within 60 days of purchase at the email address we send with your receipt. I’ll get your money back right away.

You’re going to think I’m brain damaged, but I will also insist that you keep everything with my compliments. Even if:

  • You’ve downloaded the bonuses, or
  • You’ve built your website, or
  • You just don’t like my voice on the videos


You may think I’m an idiot, but I want you to go away happy, because you might still recommend Instant Website.tv to your friends. The marketing department thinks I must have suffered brain damage to make this offer, and I don’t care.

Tom Campbell Signature

Tom Campbell

P.S. One thing I forgot to mention. You know how there are videos and books? They aren’t the same. Most courses like this just transcribe the video for the printed material. That’s not how I roll. The videos are heavily edited to remove the “uhs”, “ahs”, and backtracking that mar so many course videos. The books have absolutely no wasted words. So each format is 100% optimized to its greatest strengths. Give Instant Website.tv a try now, before Marketing makes me raise the price.